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Circulair Light 

Robotica | Biomimicry Organic forms | Hybrid Nature | Technology | Art


Art Light by Esseline Keeven


Particularly shaped lamps that were created by applying a new technique; recycled plastic is printed on textile by

a robot arm.

Handmade designs of Esseline are applied to textile using 3D printing technology. Hot plastic attaches itself

to the textile during this process.


The combination of these materials causes a tension that leads to beautiful organic forms.




Busy with all kinds of marketing strategies this year. Found new customers. Invent new techniques and materials for new projects.

Also busy with the Berckepoort shopping window in Dordrecht. 




Creating new light designs for several design labels. 

I sold a number of small cocoon lamps at the shop: ''Kinderlampjes'' in Dordrecht


Oktober 2020

New light design for the VPRO radiostudio

September 2020

Designed a cocoon lamp for camping: Zwanemeer in Gieten. This lamp is height adjustable with pulleys and weights.

February 2020

Esseline Design presents her new prototypes Formidable lights in The Dutch Design Artemis Hotel Amsterdam. From February till August 2020. 


November 2019

Esseline Design presents its big Formidable lights on the Excellent Fair in Rotterdam Ahoy. Date: 28 November - 1 December

October 2019

Esseline Design presents its big Formidable lights on the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Dates: October 19th - 27th Location:  Design Perron, Fuutlaan 12 Eindhoven

April 2019

Esseline Design is awarded a subsidy for stimulating innovation within SMEs. This subsidy is intended to identify the technical and economic risks of a proposed innovation project; scaling up the production of 3D print lamps using a robot arm and processing recycled plastic.

Februari - March 2019

Exposition Art & design Esseline Keeven.

Gallery Hofsteeg in Dordrecht. For the first time a limited number of small lamps is for sale.

November - January 2019 

Esseline has designed and produced small lights that will be for sale at an exposition. 

July - October 2018

Esseline has created new Formidable designs specially for production with the Blackbelt 3D printer.

June 2018

Esseline has launched her Esseline Design label and the Formidable Lighting brand. 

August 2016

Esseline has started designing (light) objects using small 3D printers and a 3D print pen.

Cocoon Circles 2 meter

Cocoon light design for camping Zwanemeer

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